Pat Clinch Icon

Pat Clinch was a family friend who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2014. When this happened people from the community who knew Pat put together a benefit to help with the hospital bills and expenses. I was asked to make an image of Pat to go on the flyers and t-shirts for the event, and the Pat Icon was born. Pat had an iconic look; thick rimmed rectangular glasses, mutton chops and a hip hat. The first benefit had around 500 people in attendance and sold out of the Pat Icon t-shirts with the first couple hours. As news of his condition spread more benefits happened and the Pat Icon was used on more merchandise to raise money. Mikkeller Brewery from Belgium, with ties to Lincoln, heard of Pat's condition and love of beer and coffee so they created a special brew that incorporated coffee. They called it Peace, one of Pat’s nicknames, and switched out one of the faces on their original logo for the Pat Icon.