My name is Sheyenne Rose Rivers Mangel and I’m a graphic designer. I was born and raised near Lincoln, Nebraska, where I grew to love photography and the outdoors. In 2013 I received my BFA in graphic design at Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine. I moved back to Lincoln, Nebraska and got a job at Rivers Metal Products, a metal fabrication company. At RMP I wore many hats including; in-house designer, Human Resources Assistant and Safety Director. I designed a gate for Fontanelle Forest, a National Natural Landmark in Omaha, NE, created a one of a kind chandelier for the Hub Cafe, designed company t-shirts and got a glimpse into the world of running a business. I am currently living in beautiful Bozeman, MT, where I've developed a love for the National Parks and learned how to ski.

I make designs that are visually pleasing and easy to understand. I enjoy simple and bold compositions. I’m a McGiver of creativity, find the beauty in everything and like to keep my email inbox organized.

I am available for freelance, contact me at

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